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Dr. Sonja Diekmann

Social Architect - Founder BCC Enablement and initiator of the associated network.

"Lasting transformation can only happen from within. The collective skills needed for this are already in place. As a social architect, I focus on designing frameworks that enable these skills to be leveraged."

Dr. Sonja Diekmann

Complexity generates evolutionary development 

The increasing complexity presents us with an evolutionary challenge. Robert Keagan puts it in a nutshell: the problem is not the increasing complexity - but that we often do not have the mental capacity to deal with this challenge. My experience as a long-standing manager in a global pharmaceutical company and as a consultant and coach has shown me again and again how critical - and challenging - it is to be able to respond effectively and efficiently to complex changes.

Collaboration creates the necessary synergies


I experienced my decisive moment in dealing with complexity outside of my actual job in 2016 as part of an aid project for refugees on the Greek mainland. Without good networking, without collaboration and without the resulting synergies, the local challenges would never have been solvable. My experiences from this situation ultimately led to my founding BCC Enablement in 2021: diverse skills, diverse personalities - a common goal!

Sonja Diekmann

Dr. Sonja Diekmann

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