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We provide a holistic approach: We take the organization, its management culture and the individual team in equal measures into account. We start where it makes sense right now. With customized and suitable solutions.



Which framework conditions promote the courage to break new ground? How do we create trust so that people are willing to take responsibility? The personal requirements for this vary greatly. We work based on the Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) model and the concept of Reinventing Organizations to create individual and sustainable solutions. 


Beside an individual approach, a clear strategy is key for successful transformational processes. Therefore, we encourage the implementation of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). We also examine structural elements such as meeting routines and formats, as well as roles and responsibilities in order to strengthen effective and efficient collaboration. Furthermore, we focus on effective communication: Which structures are needed and which formats are helpful? And what content is heard by the organization?


As experienced coaches and experts for agility, lean management and business excellence, we support in experimenting with new approaches, gaining new experiences and developing a new culture through reflection and constantly questioning the current system.

Which understanding of leadership is needed to achieve our organizational goals? How do we develop a different kind of leadership and cooperation that does justice to the growing complexity - and what values drive us? Which structural elements help me as a leader to support teams and organizations in taking on more responsibility? What do I need to feel good? And what skills do I want to develop to meet those needs? 

In change processes, leadership is a powerful tool that makes many things possible - or can massively slow it down. What drives us at BCC Enablement: Leaders who find their motivation in empowering and supporting their teams. Who see themselves as organizational, team and personnel developers focusing on the alignment of the organization. For example, we work with the 9-level assessment to shed more light on your own value system. The Value Match® Change Report can be helpful in the personal change process while  the Leadership Circle Profile® gives a precise statement of leadership effectiveness and individual tendencies.


We support on an individual as well as on a collective level, e.g. by providing one-on-one coaching and designing and moderating management workshops in the course of transformation processes. 




Transformation and change at team level has many facets, but only a few key success factors: We rely on teams that see and use diversity as an opportunity to increase efficiency. And on team members who hold each other accountable. Because that's what we've learned over time: Transformation can only succeed if the shared responsibility is more important than individual goals.


We accompany you with individually designed team coaching. Based in your needs and deployed strategy we either utilize classic team development approaches such as the Team Management System TMS®, elements of self-organization (loop approach, holacracy) or the Scrum approach. Especially for leadership teams, the leadership team profile by The Leadership Circle® is very insightful l, since it provides information on collective leadership effectiveness and efficiently supports reflection processes. 

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