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BCC Enablement GmbH

Transformational processes need people who take ownership.

Many executives, teams and organizations are confronted with the same challenge: Designing transformations in an efficient and flexible manner so that they can have a sustaining effect.​

Our answer

Structures are needed that enable new forms of cooperation and a (working) environment in which individual skills are developed and promoted. Above all, it requires one thing: the willingness to assume responsibility in and for change.​

Our goal

Creating an environment that makes it easy for people to take ownership.

Our approach

Creating an integral view of the organization: The necessary skills for a successful transformation are almost always present in the collective - we just have to ensure that they can develop.

Wer benötigt was
in der agilen Transformation?


Unsere Strategien im Umgang mit komplexen Situationen sind vielfältig
und individuell. Das Modell von Spiral Dynamics Integral unterstützt uns dabei, die jeweiligen Bedürfnisse, unsere sogenannte psychosoziale DNA zu verstehen - und individuell  darauf einzugehen. 


Unser Ansatz

Eine integrale Betrachtung der Organisation: Die notwendigen Fähigkeiten für eine erfolgreiche Transformation
sind im Kollektiv nahezu immer schon vorhanden – wir müssen nur dafür sorgen, dass sie ihre Wirksamkeit entfalten können.

How change leads to lasting success 

Successful transformations are based on three principles

  • Individual ways of thinking and beliefs

  • Personal willingness to reflect and learn

  • Structures that provide framework and stability

In these three areas we promote personal and collective ownership. Our goal: to leverage unused potential that is urgently needed for a sustainable transformation.

For the sustainable success of our work, we rely on close collaboration with internal experts such as transformation facilitators, management teams, human resources specialists, internal communication experts and (agile) coaches.


We benefit from one thing: we know from our own experience about the internal perspective of a change process.


ways of thinking and beliefs

Neurobiological research shows that we (human beings) are able to adapt our thought structures to increasing complexity. Meaning pushing our own boundaries and rewriting what is actually possible.


Willingness to reflect and learn

Complexity quickly questions our existing knowledge and pushes our tried-and-tested capabilities to its limits: new, complementary approaches are needed that increase our competence in dealing with complexity.



framework and stability


Processes, methods, and proven practices show ways to test new thought structures and expand existing skills in systems.


Our offer 

Enablement on three levels
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